Saturday 18 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

There has been a clever Breeze from the N,Westward
since Thursday, during all which time we have never
gone less than from 8, to 9, Knots an Hour, but this Eveng
the Wind has increased to a strong Gale, putting us under
snug Canvas,   _________     Messrs Powell, and Tindall,
thought proper to have a few Blow’s, at each other Yestdy,
arising from an old Grudge between them, but they were
speedily separated, each having got a slight Wound, in
his Face   _________   This afternoon our Capt order’d
Powell, (who always stands Butcher) to kill the Sow, that
was purchased at Dartmouth, for the purpose of giving
all the People, a fresh Mess, to-morrow   _______
Mrs Chandler still continues dangerously “Ill”, and this
Morng it was deem’d advisable to take half a Pint of
Blood from her   ________________

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