Saturday 19th March 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Rose early found the wind fair we got up the top Gt mast
and yards set up the rigin and hove up the starboard
anchor and got all ready for sea I again bowed my
knees before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the
Father of the sperits of our flesh who knew my extremities
better than I could tell them to him but has told us
to cry unto him in the day of trouble and we shall
glorify him the wind fair duty calls I must go
however painfull leaveing a beloved partner close to the
trying hour of naturs sorrows but God omnipresent
omnipotent omnicent helpeth the seed of the woman
and gives grace to shout victory victory I had a letter
wrote to send to my beloved partner commending
her to that God and saivour who had done so much
for us beliveing he whould bless her keep her and sur
port her through all the trying seans of life great was
my joy when I recevead a letter to inform me by a
Christain brother I was father of a fine Girl and
Mother and child was likely to do well I will sing to
the Lord a new song for he doeth marvilous things men
want mericals let us all see them in the walks of life in the
path of duty God will manifest himself in a way that
shall be marvilous in our sight that we may see the finger
of God in it I do see his hand the late storms has given me
to see his power and in this of my partner to see the Lords
mercy so true has my brother has wrote the things that
appear against us is for us may I ever see it in this light
and be enabled to live my gratitude to God Amen my
gratitude is better felt at present than expressed I now
can give up my dear partner and baby to the all wise
God and saivour and go on my way rejoiceing at 4 PM got und
er weigh and made sail for sea light wind from the SE

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