Saturday 2 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours rain and snow decending the ship began to
drive let go the seacond anchor afterward hove up both
anchors to see them clear and let go the small bower
and gave the ship 40 fathoms of cable the shipwrights
employed repareing the windlass and mostly done in
the everning had prayers with reading the word of
God 17th chapt of St Luke sung two hymns and was
blessed in wateing on God – Prichad a seaman sick
says he is pained all over body and mind says he
does not like the ship because he is not allowed to
sware another says the ship is a wet ship and does
not like her another says he has had a letter from
home and doesenot like her wants to be dischar
ged – these are all falce and bad excuseses
I have bing ankcious to have a letter committed my
all to Him who knows how to delver out of all [difnan?]

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