Saturday 2 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Most part of this 24 hours strong winds with rain and a heigh
sea the wind from the westward all resqusite sail set steer
ing to the Eastward Latt Obsd 38.43 South Longd 86.53 East
On reflection to day on the kind providence of God in deliver
ing us from the dangers of                         Island I have
reason to say that Gods word is verryfied when He
says when thou passeth through the waters I will
be with you all the caution and prudence of man
without a kind watchfull providence over him is of
little avail bless the Lord O my soul for His mercy
endureth for ever the young man Glansford nearly
fell from the main top sail yard but his life is
spared may he devote it to God in the evening
had prayer with reading the word of God

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