Saturday 2 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The Wind gradually lower’d after Midnight, and at 8, A,M, was
nearly a Calm, with the most beautiful clear Sky, but the Sea
still very rough   ________    At which time the Body of Mrs
Chandler was committed to the Deep, it was sew’d up in two or
three old Sack’s, with a weight of old Iron, (in a Bag), made
fast to the Feet, for the purpose of making it sink  _______
On this melancholly occasion, all the People were musterd on
the Quarter Deck, where the Capt read over the Burial service
of the Church of England,  ______    It is rather singular that
it was 8, O’Clock in the Morng of June 2d when this Woman
threw herself into the Sea, and at the same Hour of July 2d
her Remains were thrown overboard, and both Morngs being
remarkably bright and clear, after having had heavy Rain,
and Wind, the previous Night   _______     at 4, P,M, a
clever Breeze arose from the N,Westward, which contd
to the end of this Day, sending us along, at the Rate, of
7 or 8 Knots, an Hour   ____________

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