Saturday 30 July 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Most part of this 24 hours passing squalls of

heavy rain in consequence of the trees falling over

the river on each side we could not git the boat

close to the bank and took some refreshment

and left the boat to trace the river along but

by trying to cut of some bush that lay in the way

we mist the river and could not find its wind

ings again we travled through a large thicket

by a quantity of small timber and quantitys of

brush wood after traveling some miles we came

to a salt water lagoon then took a north course

but while at the lagoon one of our peaces bursted

in the hands of a man fireing at a swan but

fortunely did not hurt him we found a

run of water which we traced for many miles

at times with much difficulty at last it took us

to a large flat swampy country with fresh and

salt water after traveling through thick and

thin over wood and through water we then

steered NE and after a while we came in

sight of the salt sea some miles to the apper

site side of the ship where our boat was all

tired all most to falling down the people

lighted a fire and coocked a crow which they

devided among themselves offering us a portion

they dried thier cloths and rested awile and not

much like to start but after saying I intended

to git on board if posable we set out and

arived safe on board about 9 PM I bless god

for his kind providence in still bringing me

through many dangers may I see and acknoled

ge his hand in the dispensations of life

we found the L M Pelham to anchor when we returned

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