Saturday 4 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

We still contd to have light and variable Winds to the
close of this Day  __   but at 8, A,M, were within 2 Miles
of the Vessel that was seen Yestdy at which time, She
hoisted her Colour’s and began to Signalize, that was
duly answer’d by us, however at Noon, She commenced
signalizeing again, but being then to Windward of her
we could not see them distinctly, and therefore bore down
towards her, so as to get within hail, but this it appeared
greatly alarm’d them, as their Capt inform’d us, that seeing
so many People on Deck, he did not like our appearance
at all, and had got everything ready for Action, if required,
of which they soon gave us a proof, and by discharging a lot
of Muskets, and two great Gun’s, She was a pretty
little Brig, called the Mary, of Leith, bound to the Isle
of France,  __________    At 5 P,M, we saw a Whale
not more than a Mile off, playing about, and spouting
Water up into the Air   _________

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