Saturday 7 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

There has been a fresh Breeze all Night from E,N,E,
and at 8, A,M, took a reef in the Fore-top Sail, for the
first time since leaving Dartmouth, and at 11, A,M, had
the Islands of Brava and Fogo, (two of the Cape Verde)
right abeam of us, the former about 20, and the latter
40 Miles distant, on the larboard Side, it then fell
Calm, and remain’d so untill the Eveng, during which,
the heat was excessive  ____  We saw a great number
of flying Fish, this Morng and in the Afternoon were
follow’d by a Shark, that broke two fishing Lines, and
a strong Hook, when One of the Sailors found a proper
Shark-hook, on to which he put a piece of Pork,
for Bait, and gave it to the Capt, who in his eagerness
to catch the Fish, did not notice, that there was no Line
made fast to it, but immediately threw it overboard, which
caused a hearty Laugh, and most probably saved the Sharks
life, for we could not find another One, strong enough
to hold him   ___________

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