Saturday 9 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

We had light variable Airs of Wind, and Calm’s, all
Night, but at 6, A,M, a gentle Breeze, arose from
the Northward, which gradually freshen’d untill it
blew very strong, and at 4, P,M, the Sails were reef’d  ___
There has been an uncommon heavy Sea, sweeping along
from the S,Westward, these last two Days, so that we
imagine there must have been a strong Gale of Wind, lately
from that Art, a few Degree’s to the Southward of us,
which is the cause of such a powerful Swell coming from
that direction,   ____________   During the last Week,
two little Pigs, belonging to our Captain, have been so
very Ill, in Fits, that they were obliged to be kill’d   ____

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