Sunday 10 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

I rose this morning under some stress of mind
conserning the path of duty the wind fair
from the NE all ships out of the harbour
but our own I have experianced what it is
to be here in destress blowing from the SE
with a heigh sea I went on my knees and prayed to be
directed in the right way I afterwards consulted with
the mate we went on our knees togather and prayed
fervently to be directed the right way I had impressed
on my mind the case of our blessed Redeemer when
the desiples plucked the ears of corn it whas thair
extremity wherefore Christ did not condemn
God instituted the sabath to be made a blessing
to man to save man to receive his gospel and
be instructed to be blessed to life everlasting now
my case seemed to be nesesaty the wind blow
ing in the bay and likely to increase I felt my
mind easey when I thought of sailing out but
otherwise when of staying I read the 121th Psalm
and gave orders for gitting under weigh we weigh
ed anchor and made sail down chanel with a
fine and pleasant breese from the eastward all
on board seemd to enjoy the fine weather and fair
wind after upwards of six weeks contrary winds
we had the church form of prayers in the morning
and I spoke from Ha    1st chapt 5th verce I commended
my all to the God of all grace my partner after
being made a liveing mother of a liveing child
appears if well to day in the santuary of God
Reliveing to praise him and render herself
afresh to his service while I have passed through
the danders of the sea we will praise God together
and magnify his holy name great is our God and
greatly to be praised for his mercy endureth for
ever and ever Amen in the afternoon had two of the
apprentices in the cabin I read sung and prayd with
them one is an educated youth and mild the other
has had wicked example I spoke of the pariables
to them in the everning we had service again read from
St Mark and a surmon on the way to the kingdom
of heaven I bid adewe to old England again
and those I love dearly as my own soul home is
all that sweetings like it speaks the warm affection
of a wife or the lisping babe that pratles on the knee with
all the joys of infantcy
at 8 PM the edistone light bore by compass ENE distance
about 6 leagues fine plesent weather all sail set

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