Sunday 11 December 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

11 December-First part strong breezes with vivid lightning to the westward; at five a.m. more moderate; got under way; at eight passed the rock off Thistle Island, and we discovered an extensive reef running from Grindall’s Island in a north easterly direction, not laid down in Flinders’ chart, and reaching across the very course I had intended to steer had we been driven from our anchorage in the night; we must all [have] perished had that happened, but Providence kept us safe in Memory Cove. At noon light breezes and fine weather, running for Investigator’s Straits; at four p.m. fresh breezes from the westward, and the weather looked very unsettled. At eight, Point Marsden under the lee bow; hove to for the night on the larboard tack, blowing very hard at night.

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