Sunday 11 December 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Sunday Decr 11th Turned out at 8 bells in vulgar English 4 o’clock in
the morning; & had the satisfaction to be the first in the ship to make
out the coast of New Holland; it was Cape Chatham; & our chronometers
were found to be right by observation to less than a mile – so all the
fears & fuss about St. Paul’s & the probable errors of these instruments
received a just though silent commentary. A vast number of porpoises
about the ship frolicking & leaping in all directions. No service on
deck to-day, it was ordered in the morning, but the Captain was soon
after visited by a compunctious feeling & it was countermanded.
We had prayers & a short discourse of the usual complexion in the

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