Sunday 17 April 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Most part of this 24 hours a moderate gale from
the NEd all drawing sail set steering SW by W
with a heigh sea a strange sail in sight
Latt Obsd 44.36 North Long 12.6 West
I had little or no sleep dureing the night in the
morning went to my speritual dutys in much infi
rmity read the 18th chapt of Leviticus and mused
on holy writ who is this that comes with died
garments from bas       traveling the greatness
of his strength I that speak in Rightiousness
mighty to save felt the love of the saivour
a few assembled to here the word of life read
after church service a surmon of Mr Fenry on
the plain way to heaven in the afternoon had
my soul abundently blessed in expounding the
scriptures to the two apprentices In the everning a
few assembled to offer prayer and praise to God who
is wafting us though the paths of the great deep had
the 25th chapt of St Matthews Gospel with a surmon from
Edmonsons collection Lord help me verry approbate
the sea running like little mountains when my
sperits are low I contemplate on the works of Chr
in redemtion the suffering and love of Christ
till my heart is fillid with wonder love and praise

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