Sunday 18 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours light airs from the eastward with cloudy
weather in the morning/afternoon sent Mr Richard with Thomas
Batchlor to the Cignet for medical aid he being taken
verry ill in the morning we assembled for prayer four prayed
and while so doing the fire kindled on the mean altar of
my heart my willing soul whould stay in such a frame as
this and waft its way to heavens eternal rest in the forenoon
the bethel flag being hoisted ceveral came on board with
which three females Mrs Bear who came out with us was
one being restored nearly to her right mind and to her children
our service was solemn and I hope searious to all if not all
yet most all I read a surmon upon the Omniprisonce
of god we sung three hyms with doxology and commended
our countrymen men whomen and children to God and his
grace all belonging to this Infant colony – likewise our own
selves I felt greaved at the hardness of heart of some of my
crew. In the everning had another service read a
surmon from scripture on the goodness of God in provide
ing for us all things and commanding us to cast that
care on Him we are so prone to take to ourselves
so ended this holy day

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