Sunday 19 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Most part of this 24 hours light airs of wind from
the SEd made sail as required Lattd Obsd 36.13 S
Longitude 41.10 East
In the morning read the word of God with prayer
yesterday one of the crew complained to me being
allmost dead with illness I gave him an ametick
his complaint being a disordred stomack and stopt
of course his rum to day he says he is quite well
and complains of his rum being stopt and says will
not drink any more ships rum but the first
port if he has to sell his last shirt will buye some
last sunday was a storm of wind and sea this a
storm of man but Him who delivered me from
the first will deliver me from the wrath of
man I belive it I will trust him for it
In the morning read the church service with
a surmon from the 40st chap by Isaiah 31st verce
a solemn and blessed time we had bless the Lord
O my soul – in the afternoon we had a prayer
meting with religious instruction in the everning
read the word of God with a surmon the young
man Glansford tell me to read the word of God to
do him good he watches when all is a sleep and draws
the curtain of his little bed place which is about 6 feet
long and 4 feet heigh and four feet whide thus he
reads and prayes

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