Sunday 21 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours fresh breeses and plesent
weather in the morning fitted up the quater
deck for publick worship at the usual time
hoisted the bethel flag at the main and
sent a boat to the John Perie and one on shore
for the people to attend and being no minister
and no church bell to summons the flock to the pasture
we whould not eat our morsel alone nor hide the little
light the Lord had lighted us with nor the little talent
we where intrusted with – ceveral attended with Mrs
Birdseye the only female desiple we had a solemn
and is to be hoped a profitable meeting I belive
god in Christ was among us in the midst of us
to bless our souls – in the afternoon a few of us
went on shore and preached to the people some
europeans who had not heard the word of god
for a length of time received we hope gladly we
gave them a few tracts in the everning we had
a meeting on board a goodly company attended
the text was seek those things that are above
I felt my own soul reconciled to god through
our Lord Jesus Christ and my mind in perfect [?]
stayed on god and his word

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