Sunday 22 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours light airs and variable inclined
to calms all sail set as needfull 2 sail in
sight surposed to be the Alfried and the
L M Pellam                  Lattd Obsd 19.48 South
In the morning read the word of God with
part of an homly in private in the forenoon 16
met in our little cabin for hereing and prayer
read with the church service an homly for whit
sunday with suitable hymns and I belive as ma
ny as came with one accord was blessed in the
afternoon the three boys met for prayer in the
everning many met sung and prayed and read
the 2th chapt of acts of the apostles and a surmon from
the 1st verce with exhorting to give themselves to God
Mr Richards concluded with prayer I had conversation
with a man by the name of Jones after service I belive
the sperit of God is working on his mind and
his heart and he is deeply convinced of sin and a
judgement to come I pointed him to calvery I used
the following augments how shall we know our
sins forgiven how shall we know the sun warms
us – how shall we know our sins forgiven how shall
know the food we eat nurrishes our frail bodys
– how shall we know the love of God is sped abroad
in our hearst how shall we after a long voyage and
see the land and country that gave us birth our
heart will be made glad – how shall we know
our sins forgiven God reconciled and our Father
and our Friend how shall we know after along voyage
and land on our native shores and meet
our friends some a Father and Mother praps pious
some a sister or brother praps pious some a beloved
wife praps pious and children growing in Gods
grace these warm the heart again speritual
how shall we know we love God when we delight
to mix with the great congregation when the pious
Sheephard is adminnistering  the truthes of the
gospel and earth with her tenthousand toungs singing
the praises of the great and mighty God and
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ again how
shall we know we love God by knowing if we
love his ordinances eating of that bread as
an emblem of Christ body being broken for our sins
and drinking of that cup as an emblem of Christ
blood being shed for our sins the nurish our
souls to eternal life – These are everdances
I read a Psalm and lay down to rest

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