Sunday 24 April 1836

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Brig Emma off the Downs
Sunday Morning
April 24. 1836

My Dear Sir

I have an opportunity in the
Pilot going ashore, of communicating with you once
more, ere we take our “long farewell” to you and home
We have had a more than ordinarily
smooth trip thus far, which I feel as a particular
blessing under our present circumstances so many of
our passengers never having seen the great waters before
myself as usual have been very sick, with nearly
all the other passengers, my wife excepted, I have
made arrangements with those men I thought most
appropriate to take care of the stock, those that
have been cramped I have had out of their various
domiciles, and given the range of the ships decks to
until they have recovered, I have made two of
the eldest and most steady responsible for the
general cleanliness of the Steerage, and 2 more
to keep an account of, and superintend the provisions
to observe that nothing is wasted and that all obtain
their due share, – The arrangements I have made
seems to have induced a considerable degree of comfort
and harmony, which it will be my constant object
to promote and continue, I am intending to day to
assemble all hands on the quarter deck and make use
of that Book of Homilies you so kindly presented me
with and add a little address to it. I am persuaded
from experience of the propriety of this measure if it
were only as a relief to the dull monotony of the six
days at sea. But I have a higher and better motive
I do not stoop to such low game I fly at a higher
quarry —
I have been thinking about the Silk
Worm and the white Mulberry Tree, and when I have
made my observations on the climate soil &c, shall
communicate the result of my cogitations – will you
allow to suggest the propriety of procuring and sending
out a few works treating on that subject
Say – Observations on the treatment of the mulberry
and worm in Connecticut US. published in New York
Observations on the treatment of the worm, in the South
of France, in the philosophical transactions of 26, 7, 8 or 9
I dont remember which, I think that Morrell’s voyage
in the Southern Ocean published by Carey and Lea of
Philaa or perhaps obtainable by Rich Red Lion Square
would be invaluable as a coast guide to your whalers
and S Ocean Traders
Loudens Encyclopædia of Gardening and
”                    of Agriculture would be worth
all the money they cost

Adieu the Pilot is waiting

and believe me Ever your obliged and humb


Chas S. Hare

G F Angas Esq

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