Sunday 27 March 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

After commending my all to God by reading and prayer
praying for a good day for my soul before six
in the forenoon assembled the people on the quater deck
for prayer and hereing the word of God delivered a
surmon from 3d Psalm 4th.5th verces I found it good to give
thanks unto God and speake and here good of his name
in the afternoon went on shore we where mocked by some
impious sailors going by thier vessels whent to the house
of the Lord the text was taken from 8th chapt 22d verce
Jeremiah Is thare no balm in gilead is thier no physician
there why then is not the health of my people recovered
head with our minister and heald a prayermeeting about
an hour so powered out our hearts before god and received
a blessing attended the everning preaching the text
was from 6th chapt 4th verce of Hosea O Ephraim what shall
I do with thee O Judah what shall I do unto thee how lovely
are thy courts O Lord of host here we here thy holy word
in the everning a love feast was held I spoke of what the
Lord had done for my soul – when I came from the love
feast the pilot had a letter to give me from my wife
to crown all the Lord has delt bountifully with her glory
be to his holy name Amen little did I think I was this
holy day for the dangers was shortly to come but if this
had bing my last sabath on earth it would have bing
one of the holyest and one of the most profitablest among
those I have spent in the service of God
in the everning about 9 I returned on board with the
pilot and the wind began to increase till 11 and it blew
hard from the S by E a vessel drove close by us on the starboard
bow as the pilot had command I left it to his best jugement
to let go the seacond anchor I read a chapt of Gods word
and a little before twelve lay down

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