Sunday 27 March 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The Gale has contd since Thursday, from the Westward,
and without the least intermission, or abatement, but
at 3, P,M, of this Day, it veer’d to S,W, and increased
to a perfect Hurricane, raising the Sea, to the greatest
possible pitch of Madness, and violent uproar, so that
fearing every thing would be washed off the Deck’s, we
bore away, right before the Wind, at 4, P,M, hoping by
this means, to save them, from destruction, but the Weather
has contd (to the end of this Day) so truly awful, as
to baffle all description, indeed the Elements, seem to be
engaged, in the most dreadful Warfare, with each other,
and violence is the order of the Day, in which the Rain
likewise takes a good share, for it is pouring down
in Torrents  _____  At 10, P,M, the Wind backed
round to N,W, and I think (if possible) it blows
more terrifickly than ever  _________

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