Sunday 3 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours from the SW all resqusite sail set
steering to the Eastward Lattd 38.23 South Longd 90.55 E
In the morning had service in the cabin read a sur
mon on the strait gate – again in the everning the
text The Lord will have mercy on Zion for her
set time is come I exhorted the people to flee to the
hope set before them in the gospel
To day is the natal yearly return of my beloved partner
my prayer to God is that she may have a realizeing
sense of both by an inward witness of Gods holy
sperit and a sure trust in His holy word of her
exceptance of God in Christ by a seacond birth
a death unto sin and a new birth unto Rightiousness
that we who are one flesh may gloryfy God with our
bodys and sperits which are His amen I desire to bless
God for the gift of my partner once was my Idol but
God has given me to see we must not set up Idols in our
hearts but the love is not lessend but is more firm
and pure founded on the word and promices of
Jehovah that marage is honorable among men and
aproved by God on earth Christ performing his first
maricle at a marage feast and aproved by God
in heaven by an emblem of the mariage supper
of the Lamb since we both received the grace
of God we have experiance the goodness of God in
his grace the joy that a stranger intermedleth not
with happy in the love of God in Christ by a witness
of his sperit – it is a covernent – the thoughts of
home smoths the ruged parths of this life and
the word of God stills the proud waves that whould
founder my poor bark the waves that whould beat
on me and overwelm me is stayd by the word of God
dwelling in me richly my beloved is feedin on green
pastures in the house of God most likely to day I will
bless the Lord with thee my beloved the choice of
my eirly years we will bless our beloved saviour may
we be a son and daughter in the heavenly Jerusalem
and constantly belive in the Lord Jesus Christ and
it will be well with us in Time well with us in eter
nity well in health well in sickness well in life Death
and in judgement – we sung the 491st hymn I indea
vourd to be faithfull to the crew I pointed them to
a beutifull rain bow an emblem of the covernant
God has made with falling and raiseing man

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