Sunday 31 July 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

This 24 hours passing showers of rain in the fore
noon had prayers in the cabin with a surmon
13th chapt of Hebs 5th verce in the afternoon instruct
ed the children I was sent for by Mrs Bear one of
our passengers who is in a deranged state of mind
with four helpless babes to look to her as a mother
I think the means used for her is too hars not suited
to the case I read and reasoned with her but I
am afraid to little perpose in the everning
we had service on the quater deck read the 13th chapt
of epist of Hebs read a surmon and exhorted the people
we commenced and ended with prayer and sung allso
so concluded with this day the first in this port
Mr Stevens and Mr Bear on shore erecting a tent
for Mrs Bear with desire to git her on shore as soon
as posable beliveing it the best

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