Sunday 31 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Made another effort to get to sea
with the wind at N.W. No service today: nor any
attempt at it. The preparations in the morning for
setting sail, seem to have paralysed for a longer
time than necessary all desire for devotional exercises.

H.M.S. Buffalo
St. Helen’s July 31 1836
My dear Sir,
I hope I shall be pardoned
this amount of desecration of the Lord’s day – but I
should be wanting in my duty to you were I to
allow the last opportunity we are likely to have before
quitting the English Shore, to pass without advising you
of the health and comfort of the passengers & crew
of our good ship. We had got so far on Thursday
as the Bill of Portland; but a heavy gale from
the South west on the evening of that day drove us
back to our anchorage here. A breeze from the
north has sprung up and we are about to try
again, with better success I hope. Broadbent, his
wife & family & your emigrants are in great
good health; and have suffered far less than I
expected they would. There is every attention paid to
their comfort and happiness & contentment seems visible
in every countenance. Mrs Hindmarsh, my mother & some
one or two more of out Lady passengers have
suffered a good deal from sea sickness; but are now
almost quite recovered.
The Tam O’Shanter came in to these roads
shortly after us having been also driven back. The
Captain reports all his emigrants well, with the
exception of a Mrs Stuckey who is considered by the
surgeon to be rather in some danger. The Dr of the
Buffalo & I have considered his report in the
case and are of opinion it is not more than
a severe attack consequent on sea sickness.
My wife joins me in kindest regards. We
shall omit no opportunity during the voyage of
writing you.
Believe me always my dear Sir
with greatest esteem Yrs faithfully
Geo Stevenson
G.F. Angas Esq

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