Sunday 4 December 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Sunday Decr 4. Our chaplain ill – worried to death by the proceedings
of our gentlemanly mess towards his wife & family. In consequence
we had no service. The sermon of good Dr Wilson (Sodor & Man) edified
us in the morning & one of Jeremy Taylor in the evening – so that
except in the public observance of the sabbath which is here a
mockery, we were no losers. Our distance from Cape Chatham
is 1070 miles – the old ship going seven knots in spite of double reefed
topsails & the down haul of every studding sail, our bold Captain’s
“custom always of an afternoon”. He is running up a fearful account
with the Admiralty & the Commissioners, should he ever be called
to a reckoning.

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