Sunday 4 September 1836

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Sunday      September 4th 1836
This 24 hours light wind from the SW attended
with passing showers we held a prayermeeting
in the cabin before breackfast and in the forenoon
hoisted the bethel flag and some of the John Piries
crew and some from the shore with our own crew and Mr
Bears children attended with the church service I read a surmon from
63d Psalm our souls was abundantly watered by the word of God He
was with us of a truth some of the people went on shore in the after
noon others stopt on board we had a meeting with the children
we prayed and read scripture and read from the religious
tracts the tear was seen starting from the eyes and a full heart
In the everning about 15 attended I delivered a surmon from
deut 8 chapt 2d verce by A West so we ended this Lords day

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