Sunday 7 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The Wind contd variable, accompd by Squalls, and
heavy Showers of Rain, the whole of Thursday, but on
Friday we got a smart steady Breeze, from nearly
due North, which contd with us untill this Eveng, and
then veer’d round to the Westward   __________
Our Cook is quite recover’d again, and resumed his occu-
-pation on Friday  ________    During his illness, the
Cooking has been done by Joseph Jones, who has been
very useful indeed, in many respects, since we left
Dartmouth, having fill’d, even the situation of a
Seaman, at two or three different times, for 10, or 12,
Days together, in the place of Sailors, that have been
unwell, and I understand, that Capt Martin, intends
to remunerate him, for his services  ___   besides this
Young Man, I consider that, Halford, Chandler,
Powell, and Tindal, have been the most industrious
and willing, of all the Company’s servants, during
our Passage, that are on board, of this Vessel  ____
Both the Ram’s are now recovering and have taken
to their Food again, so that I yet have hope, of
getting them, safely to Kangaroo Island   _____

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