Sunday 8 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses attended with squalls
of rain and wind from the Southd
Lattd Obsd 2.43 N Longd 19.38 West
In the morning had secret prayer and commended
my all to an offended God but allso a reconciled God
through our Lord Jesus Christ – in the forenoon had
worship on the quater deck fitted for that perpose
we began with singing and went through the
church service solemn and hope felt the power
sung and read a surmon from 55th chapt 7th verce
by Isaiah In the everning had service again
we sung two hymns and read 116th Psalm and
read a surmon from 53d chapt by Isaiah and spoke
from the heart as God gave me utterance I felt
a yearning and my bowels was moved for the
salvation of my crew my heart was inlarged
all the everning my mind was fillid with
redeeming love and my mind stayd on the
promices of God in Christ

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