Thursday 1 September 1836

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Sepr. 1st. I set the hands to work this morning upon the store & at ½ past 6 sent a message to request Mr Beare would immediately see me under my tent, he replied “if Mr Stephens has any communication for me he must make it in writing & it shall be attended to”. I was as mortified as astonished at this unprovoked & unmerited insult, & immediately sent to him (unsealed, but folded up) the following note –

Kingscote Sep 1st 1836 45 M.P. 6 A.M. Sir, I require & direct that you immediately attend under my tent, to receive my instructions as Colonial Manager of the South Australian Company.

To Mr T hos Beare                                            Saml Stephens

The messenger brought back the following verbal answer (which I forthwith made him note) “Mr Beare says he shall do no such thing as he was refused orders yesterday!!”

During the morning I got his sister to see him & endeavour to reason with him & further told her she might assure him I was unconcious of having done or said anything which could afford the shadow of a shade of reason for his so insulting me & damaging the Company’s service she however could make nothing of him & I can do no more. It is impossible to describe my feelings at seeing both officers & men act so much like villains & at finding myself left alone both by day & night to every description of care charge & management. I heartily long for the arrival of the Governor & in the meantime trust I shall be sustained by that kind Providence by whom only I have been hitherto assisted & sustained. It is but just & gratefull to record that from Capn Martin I have received kind and valuable aid in various ways. I went up to our stock station at the Lagoon & was for once cheered to find all there going on pleasantly. I returned at 3 P.M. had a mouthful of dinner, settled sundry minor matters & at 20 M. P. 4 was just going to give a second audience to the Sailors of the L.M.P. when Capn Martin called out “Sail ho!” & on looking through my glass I saw a Barque coming from the W. round Point Marsden supposing her to be the Cygnet. I instantly manned my boat & with Capn Martin put off to her the ships at anchor at the same time hoisting their full colours. We sailed about 10 miles out & were surprised to find that not only did she not heave to for us but she put the helm a Starboard & kept off so we put about & returned about 8 P.M. & by this time she had brought up near Pelican Lagoon, having put the helm a port immediately after we put about. We could not tell who she was but when we were nearest to her, thought she was the L.M.P.

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