Thursday 10 November 1836

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[November 10]

We did not reach our final destination at Holdfast Bay till the evening of November 10, the wind being contrary. This place received its present designation, I believe, from the stability of its anchorage. The native name, or, at least, that of the adjacent plains, is Cowandilla, meaning plenty of water, which it certainly had when we arrived there. The lagoons, as they were called, were then full, and in some places several feet deep, though all derived the water from the last winter’s rains. As the summer advanced they dried up, and we could scarcely obtain sufficient water sometimes even for drinking.

On the morning of the following day Robert, my eldest son, came on board. He was stationed at Rapid Bay with Mr. Kingston, with whom he came out in the Cygnet attached to the surveying party, arriving here about six weeks before ourselves.

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