Thursday 11 August 1836

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11th Finished or nearly so, landing the Cargoes. Allowed the men the day to make more comfortable places for themselves to sleep in. Had at his own request a long conversation with a Mr Chadwick one of the L.M.P.’s sailors respecting the state of discipline &c on board that Ship, he attributes no blame to Capn Ross but says unless she have better subordinate officers she will be ruined & the voyage lost. Last night her crew were all drunk with stolen (supposed so) liquor and behaved in the most disgraceful manner. He appeared very much to wish I would interfere in some way, but I was cautious not to commit myself at all & contented myself with hearing all he had to say asking a few questions & then telling him that if through the Capnthe crew had any official communication to me, I would recieve it & pay to it every attention in my power, but I would give no opinion on any exparty statement or without the Captains knowledge & that I could not in such a case as the present do more than advise. Some of the men belonging to the Duke of York being very dissatisfied & one of them (her Cooper) having told the Capn he was determined to leave her in the first Port she made but would prefer being left with me if I would receive & employ him, & Capn Morgan having privately recommended me to do so if I thought the man likely to be useful I have agreed (or rather promised to agree with him) for 2 years at 20/- pr week for the first 6 months & 25/- pr week for the remainder he paying to me his bill to the Capn for slops & his advance from the Company being considered as worked out by services on board the Ship.

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