Thursday 12 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours strong winds and clear weather at 7 AM
spoke the Thomas Bell of new castle bound to swan
sea from valporaiso they whare short of bread
we suplyd them with three hundread weight
PM spoke the lady Mary Pellham belonging to the
company as ourselves Mr Stevens and myself went
on board found all well on board but had
lost the chief mate by hard drinking brought
on a brain fever which took him off in a most
horrid state of mind has left a widow on board
a stranger among a strange people going to a
strange land blessed redeemer thou was a strang
er in this world and knoweth the heart of a
stranger and if ever she has come to thee she does
not want one of the best friends if she has never
come may she come now seeing the vanity of
all eirthly objects stretch out her hand to thee and
lay hold of eternal life the husband has given
up the Ghost and where is he in going down
in the boat to day the iron crane struck me
on the head and bleed profusely and made
me giddy I was advised to take brandy but did
not think it adviseable my partner will little
know or think at what a dear rate was likely
to be paid for putting a letter on board to send
home in all my dangers fears and death thy
goodness I will adore and bless the for thy mercy
past and humbly hope for more I asked if
they had any pious men on board but did
not git a desided answer
Read the 7th chapt of Pl epist to the Romans with
prayer and commending myself to God

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