Thursday 12 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

12th. Rainy, and light breeze from E. and by South, apparent the beginning of trades. Within the last two or three days the decks have been cleared and the passengers below, made comparatively comfortable. A great deal of pitching, wife and myself sick. Up to this period of the voyage saw very few flying fish, and those not till we passed St. Antonio. Scarcely any birds, one tropical bird was seen 2 days S. of St. Antonio. Bonito and Albacore were seen in great numbers. Some of these fish were seen to leap upwards of 20 feet out of the water, and to spring horizontally upwards of 30 feet, apparently in pursuit of the flying fish. The Portuguese man-of-war was met with, of a large size, before reaching the Cape Verdes and afterwards very frequently but smaller. The top of the sail they put up is tinged with rose colour and the lower part reflects [?] the blue of the tendrils.

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