Thursday 14 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

At half past 3 AM Tackd ship to the SWd signalaized
a ship named ganges bound to Mauritius bark
rigged we sounded at 85 fathoms water sand and
shells              Lattd Obsd 48.41 N Longd 6.30 west
In the morning read a chapter out of Leviticus
with Henrys commentry had some liberty in prayer
I feel I am in a weak and frail body but the Lord
helps my infirmitys I felt it good to plead for my
dear partner and children and class mates my
brother Green and Lea my brother and mate Mr
Richards and a little boy here verry far gone in
sin read part in Wilsons Maxamns in the everning
assembled and read to the people with scripture
and tract commentry I find it good to wate on God
and pray to see the work of God prosper in my
hands bless the Lord o my soul

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