Thursday 19 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses with passing squalls
from the eastward two sail in sight employd
all day gitting up water Lattd Obsd 17.23 South
Longd 27.13 West
In the morning read a chapt from the epistle of
Pl to the colloss with prayer – to day has bing a
day of trial haveing to contend with ignorence
and depravity hard to flesh and blood In
the everning the young man Glansford
though hard at work all day asked if we where
going to have prayers I said do you wish to have
them his answer was I feel a likeing and hung
ring for it I hope to have this soul for my
hire in the everning read to a few the 33d P
and sung an hymn and prayd for those that
whould not pray for themselves – I found read
ing two or three letters from my partner today

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