Thursday 2 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

We have had very fine Weather, since the Rain, last Night
and this Morng was beautifully clear and bright, but at
7, A,M, a brawl took place in the Steerage, between
Mrs Chandler, and the Messrs Powell, in which the
most disgusting and aggravating Language, was made
use of by both Parties, towards each other, at length
Chas Chandler (who had been on Deck, during all this uproar)
went down to them, and endeavourd to get his Wife pacified,
but it was all in vain, for shortly afterwards She came upon
Deck, with a Bundle of Clothes in her Arm’s, and made
towards the Ship’s side, threatening to drown herself, but
was prevented doing so, by the Captain catching hold of her,
and was made to go below again by the assistance of her
Husband, but while we were at Breakfast, the Helmsman
alarm’d us very much, by crying Out, that a Woman had
jump’d overboard, when rushing upon Deck, we saw
the poor miserable Wretch strugling in the Sea, astern
of the Vessel, when immediately tacking Ship, we suc-
-ceeded in getting her aboard again, but almost in a
lifeless state, having been in the Water, at least 10, minutes,
however the usual remedies for recovering Person’s, apparantly
drown’d, were made use of, and I am happy to say, they
had the desired affect, for She is greatly recover’d, although
still uncommonly Weak, with severe pains in her inside,
and likewise in her Head   _______   It appears that while
we were in the Cabin, she took the opportunity of coming
on Deck, with the Bundle still in her Arm’s, and went
to the fore part of the Vessel, in a terrible rage, but
at which both her Husband, and others who were present,
took little notice, thinking the Woman, could not actually
mean to destroy herself, however, when at the fore-Chains
She suddenly stop’d, threw the Bundle overboard, and
giving a momentary glance at Chandler, She sprang
over the Bulwark herself,  to the horror, and amazement
of all who beheld the sight,   ________    The temper of
this Woman is most violent, and when in a passion, She
is shockingly wicked, while her Husband, Chas Chandler,
appears to be a very decent, quiet, sort of Man, for whom
I am truly sorry, but yet, She is not without some
good properties, having always taken great pains to
keep both herself and Children, neat and clean, but She
is now with scarsely a Rag to put on her Back, having
thrown almost the whole of her Clothes into the Sea, that
no other Woman (her Husband might take to Wife) should
have the satisfaction of wearing them, after She was
gone, they have four fine Children, the oldest of which
is a little Girl 10, years of Age, and the youngest about
about 12 Months   __________
At Noon we got sight of the Island of Trinidad
right ahead, bearing about S,W by S, and not less
than 50 Miles distant   ___   The Wind has been va-
-rying since Noon, with light Airs, from E,S,E to South,

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