Thursday 21 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The Wind contd all Night from N,E, but at Day-light
it lower’d into a gentle Air, which kept shifting about
from North to West, all Day  _______  At 6, P,M, we
came in sight of part of a Wreck, consisting of a
lower Mast, and Yard, a top Mast and Yard,  ___  with
a few Spar’s,  ___  round Top,  ___  and the remnant of
Sails, Rigging, &c, all of which had no doubt,
been carried away from some unfortunate Vessel, in
the awful Gales of the 27th, 28th,, Ult, We took only
One Spar, as our Decks, are already too much lumberd,
for stowing any more,  __  but they will be a good prize, to
a Ship, that can make room for them  __________

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