Thursday 24 March 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Rose today dull and heavy after a nights tossing on the
mighty deep the wind from the SWd with a heigh sea AM
saw the land on the weather bow standing in for the
same PM took a Pilot on board at 5 came to anchor
in Torbay 7ΒΌ fathoms water gave the Ship 40 fathoms of
cable in the everning assembled the people read the
14th chaptr of Proverbs and a surmon from the 26th
In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence his chil[dren?]
shall have a place of refuge we sung
Oft hath the sea confest thy power
And gave me back at thy command
It could not lord of my life devour
Safe in the hollow of thy hand
About twenty five years ago I was in this place a little
boy not knowing verry little more than the right
hand from the left but the Lord has blessed me
he has brought me up from a horrible pit
and mirey clay from darkness to light and set my feet
on a rock which is Christ glory be to his holy name

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