Thursday 24 November 1836

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Thursday, 24th November.

On Monday evening the “Africaine” passed us on her way to Kangaroo Island and Van Dieman’s Land but she did not communicate with us. In the night the “Cygnet” arrived on her way to Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln. She hove to while Captain Lipson landed to see his son and then proceeded on [to] her destination. Tuesday I felt very poorly and in the night was seized with a violent bowel complaint of which I have only now recovered, consequently yesterday was again a blank. Understand that Captain Light wished for the spot I had fixed upon for my hut, which is finished all but the thatch. I immediately gave it up to him with the frame and today I have three labourers getting under weigh with all speed. We have had for dinner today a mass of beautiful French beans. The first vegetables with the exception of radishes and cress grown in our garden. We shall soon be able to have green pease, and everything else looks very promising. We are still planting potatoes, but merely for seed, as the season is too far advanced for them to reach their full growth.

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