Thursday 25 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

25th Last night was so tempestuous that I thought for some time both myself & my tent would have been carried away. This morning on rising at ΒΌ past 5 could not see the L.M.P. even with my glass & was fearful she had been obliged to slip & run to the E. during the night soon after however saw her standing in & as she had no signals flying to me presume she had taken up her anchor & was coming in safe with the view of riding out the gale near her old anchorage where (about 7 miles from me) she brought up at 8 A.M. During the whole of the day (or nearly so) it rained so excessively that the hands could do but little. Capns Martin & Morgan dined with me & we talked over & arranged sundry matters.

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