Thursday 26 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours moderate breeses with passing squalls
with rain all sail set steering to the SEd employd
as needfull served out clothes to the people Lattd Obsd 22.47 S
Longd by chro 17.23 West
Read the 51st chapt Isaiah on my knees with my heart lifted up
to God and fervently for my dear boy being seven years
since he had a being I prayd to God pardon all my sins
and was all my sins in that blood that cleanseth
from all unrightiousness I feel I need continually washing
and keeping clean as Jesus says except I wash you yee
have no part with me not only my feet Lord but my
hands my head and my heart that none of my iniquities
go on the head of my offspring the sins of the Father
being pardoned the children may raise up a seed to
serve him the Lord that they may bless the God of
thier Father – in the everning read to seven of the crew
in the cabin 51st chapt Isaiah with a short surmon from
Hebrews 4th chap 12th verce sung 491 and 499 hymns with
prayer Gloryfing God in the heighest that thare is peace on
earth and good will towards men

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