Thursday 26 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The Wind has contd from the S,Eastward, since Tuesday,
accompd with most beautiful Weather   _______
This Afternoon a disagreeable Quarrel took place between
Mr Davies, (our chief Mate) and the Carpenter,  ___
It appears the latter wanted some Nails, when the Mate
told him to be more careful of the Ships Stores, and
charged him with having recd a great many things in
London, of which he could give no account, this was
passionately denied by the Carpenter, and caused very
angry Words, that soon produced Blows, however they
were parted without having hurt each other much, after
which Capt Martin coincided with the Mate, and blamed
the Carpenter for not fulfiling his duty, in many respects,
but all of which the latter strongly denied, and complain’d
of having recd very hard usage, ever since leaving England,
however, after making use of very strong Language, to each
other, they separated mutually displeased   _________

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