Thursday 30 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

We have had a strong Wind all Night, and at 7, A,M, it
flew round to the N,Eastward, but contd Squally the whole
Day, accompd by a great deal of Rain, and terrible cross
Jump of a Sea,    _________    At 8 P,M, our Vessel
was (by calculation) in the same Parallel of Longitude
as the “Cape of Good Hope”, which lies in 18E23’ E, Long,
and 33E55’ S, Lat, but were at over great a distance
from the Land to distinguish it, being in 37E S, Lat,
so that the future Course we have to Steer, will be nearly
due East, to our destination, as Point Marsden, the
North head of “Nepean Bay”, is situated in 35E33’ S, Lat,
And 137E41’ E Longitude   ___________

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