Thursday 30 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

30th. The custom house flag was set on the fore mast.

Mr. Kingston, Morphett and Gilbert came on board late last night stating that they had been to the Consul about manning the ship. On Captain Lipson observing that the delay to the expedition was most shameful, Kingston though not addressed, wanted to know if Captain Lipson imputed blame to him. Captain Lipson replied, that if he considered himself responsible for the sailing of the ship, he deserved censure. The conversation ended by Kingston saying he had nothing to do with the delay. Kingston said hastily, ‘don’t bother me,’ and retired to his cabin.

N.B. Mr Kingston used expressions on this day in my presence and in the presence of other passengers tending to shew that he wished himself to be considered as the person who was to decide upon the proper time for the vessel to sail. His behaviour to Captain Lipson was most insulting. This day we received a paper informing us that the Buffalo was commissioned on the 23 April.

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