Thursday 31 March 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Our Vessel contd, to tumble about exceedingly heavy the whole
of last Night, and shipping a great deal of Water, while
the Wind still kept blowing very strong, until 3 A,M, when
it began to moderate, and at 8 A,M, has gradually lessend,
to a clever Breeze, and we had once more the pleasure of
seeing all the reef’s shaken out, and our Vessel again under
whole Sails, after having experienced one of the most severe
Gales of Wind, ever witnessed, indeed I am astonished, how
this little Vessel, has weather’d such a violent and terrifick
Storm, in the awful rough Sea’s of the Western Ocean,  ___
The only live Stock which have survived its fury, are
5 young Sheep, (which we purchased at Falmouth)
2 Sow’s, 3 Rabbits, and 1 Turkey, besides several of
the Crew being almost fatigued to Death, our Cook has not
been able to come upon Deck, since Tuesday last, but
two of the Passengers, named Tindal, and Powell,
volunteer’d to do his duty, these men, with one Stephen Sessions
have always been very willing, to render their assistance
when ever they could be useful  _____________

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