Thursday 5 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 light airs and ca[tooltip color=”grey” text=”Without wind.”] calms [/tooltip] lms all sail set thundering
and lightning at times employd fitting Whaleing
guier saw a strange sail had a man at the mast
head for the first time looking for Whales
Lattd Obsd 4.30 N Longd by chro 21.20 West
In the morning read the 9th chapt of Numbers with
commentry in the everning read the 24th chapt of
Joshua with parts of Mr Wesley surmon taken from
that chapt ten was present we sung and prayd
togather and no doubt most felt the love of God
in thier hearts and bless the God of all grace
we had a Mother restored to her husband and
four children after a hard strugle for life the
Lord had mercy on them and not only
them but me allso for how painfull whould have
bing the event I hope never to forget this event
the young man Glansford has bing ill I gave him
medicine and visited him and found him reading
a prayer book and token for good

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