Thursday 6 October 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

6 October-Light airs and cloudy. At six, got under way to run down the coast, as the native woman on board said there was still a large river more to the southward, which we had passed in coming up. At seven becalmed; at eight, light breezes from the westward, with dark rainy weather; at half past eight, fresh breezes with rain. Hove to and sent Mr Pullen in the gig to examine a small sandy bay. At ten, Mr Pullen returned, stating there was a small stream running into the sea at the southern end with a bar oflittle water on it. The weather now looking very bad, and not being far from our old anchorage, which we knew to hold well, we bore up for it, and anchored nearly in our former berth in quarter less four; fresh breezes and rainy. At two p.m. a gale came on, and by midnight blew hard with a heavy swell from the S.W.; let go the sheet-anchor, and veered away to fifteen fathoms, and sixty on the other.

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