Thursday 6 October 1836

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9 p.m. Thursday, 6th October.
We got our anchor up shortly after 6 a.m. this morning and made a start for Yankelilah [Yankalilla] where we intended to take in water. The weather was fine for the first hour or so, but after an hour’s calm a fresh breeze from the N.W. sprung up which shifted to the S.W. and the weather becoming very thick and threatening we put back to the anchorage we left when we came to at mid-day. About seven miles to the Southward of where we lay, seeing a very pretty little Bay having a stream running into it, the vessel was hove to while Pullen landed to examine it. He describes it as a beautiful valley with a fine stream which however communicates with the sea only by filtering through sand and stones. The water as far as he went up it (which was not more than two cables length from the shore) was brackish. The weather has moderated since dinner and we have every prospect of a fine night.

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