Tuesday 1 March 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

This day commenced with strong winds and a heigh sea
the vessel verry laboursome and the sea beating over the
deck the dear passengers all sick the decks much lumbred
and the people dissatisfied as to the commencement of our
voyage at 11 AM made the land and took a pilot for the
Isle of white at 2 PM came to anchor at the mother bank
this afternoon blows verry hard gave 40 fathoms of cable
my communion with God has not bing so sweet as at other
times in the everning it blew a perfect gale let go the
seacond anchor and gave 70 fathoms of cable I experianced
how good and servesable this anchor is to the vessel
and how much more is Christ to the beliveing soul
we assembled a few togather and read 103d Psalm and sung the
hymn Peace doubting heart my God I am I lay down
[? wi]th Peace.

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