Tuesday 10 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses from the SSE plesent
weather all sail set steering SWd Obsd a distance bet
ween the À and Å gives our longitude 21.55 West
Lattd Obsd 30 miles South
In the morning I wated on God upon my knees
and had my heart melted down with devine
grace read a chapt in the book of Job
in the afternoon the people came on deck and
commenced the old heathen practice of shaveing
which I disapproved off before them last night
they sluced ceveral with water and was going down
in the cabin to bring up the steerage passengers
which I prevented by steping foreward and stoping
they went away and broke up thier game my sperit
was greaved but I felt it my duty to stand before
the leaders of this affair and if a thousand had
bing before me I felt confident thet Lord was on
my side and I whould not fear what man could
do unto me if I do rightious the Lord will reward
me with the rightious but if I do evil sin layeth
at my door I hope I have a breast plate of rightiousness
willing to die at Gods call knowing that all my
days are appointed by him though crewel man
may opress God will bless me for my redeemers
sake many of Gods holy promices came to my mind
wisdom is justified of her children
in the afternoon the people stood in the midle of
the deck and gave three cheers for the Captn three
for the colonial manager and three for the passengers
afterward they where going through many mernuvers
on decks my mind at this time was better felt than
I could express it I felt and see what I once was like
could take delight in sutch what I now see to be foolish
ness I was once like them but now brought right to
God through the blood of the lamb to my great
comfort the young man Glansford was on the poop
reading his bible I went and sat down along side of
him and he read the 2d chapt by Isaiah and I read
the commentry for the same chapt and 45th to him
this soothed my troubled sperit – in the everning
nine or ten met to here the word of God Mr Richards
and myself spoke to the people about the importance
of true religion so passed this day the Lord by his
word brought me through has my day so has my stren
gth bing no temptation has taken me but what is
common to man in my station of life and the
Lord has made way for me to escape

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