Tuesday 15 March 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

There was a deluge of Rain, all last Night, accompd with
uncommon heavy Squalls, indeed so excessively hard, has
the Wind been blowing, the last two Nights and Yestdy that
even in this well shelter’d Harbour, several Ships have
brought home their Anchor’s, and drifted to leeward, where
they have had to let go, the second One  ____   however the
“John Pirie”, has rode out the Gale in safety, by only one
Anchor being down, and without ever moving from the first
situation, in which She was placed    ______    The Weather
has now become quite moderate, but two of our Sheep, have
caught very bad Cold’s, and are removed to the Hospital,
(a place we have partitioned off, from the others) where
they can be better attended too, and made more comfortable,
than being amongst those, that are healthy   _______    We have
also taken the Troughs, from the inside of the Pen’s, and
hung them outside, which does not only make a great
deal more room within, but will likewise prevent the
Sheep, from cutting their Legs, which they did do, most
dreadfully, against the edges of them things, when the Vessel
roll’d about at Sea, besides making it far more handy
to clean them Out and feed   _________    During this Afternoon
two small Pigs, belonging to the Capt, have been in seve-
ral Fits, which I have no doubt is caused by the wet
and Cold they have caught, in their confined Births, indeed
it is impossible to keep any of the Pigs dry, in heavy
Rains, besides their being cramped to Death, for the
want of room   _____  but with all these difficulties, I am glad
to see, that the large Sow, is recovering again

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